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MD Eco Green carry out thermal board insulation in Fife to a high standard, and in an efficient, effective manner.

We have decades of experience in the industry and will ensure your Kingspan insulation performs as it should, by testing the walls with a heat detector a few days after installation. We have found thermal board insulation is more effective than cavity wall insulation, retaining more heat, and it lasts much longer too.

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floor insulation

Underfloor Thermal Board Insulation

We can install underfloor insulation for your home, and save you hundreds on your heating bills in the upcoming years. We perform thermal board insulation in Fife, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, and throughout East Scotland.


  • Minimal disruption and no upheaval (no ripping up of carpets)
  • Improved energy efficiency, saving you money on energy bills
  • Sustainability, reducing emissions and making the planet greener

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Loft Insulation

We carry out Rockwool loft insulation, which is a very cost-effective method of insulating a loft space. Rockwool can be applied to the floor or a loft, or affixed to the underside of the roof, or both, and in this way heat loss from the roof is dramatically reduced.


  • Meets new regulations on insulation thickness
  • Improved energy efficiency, enabling you to save on energy expenses
  • Sustainability, making your home greener, and reducing emissions overall

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loft insulation





How it works: installing thermal board insulation in Fife and beyond


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Initial enquiry:

You can email, or call 01383 249238 to get things started.

Free assessment:

We'll use a thermal imaging camera to perform a test and compile a report on your house for energy efficiency.


We'll assess what you need, and give you one or more quotes based on our recommendations, and show you which grants you may be entitled to.


We'll install your insulation, for the flooring or the loft, with minimal disruption.

Feel the difference:

You'll start to notice the difference within seven days, with fewer drafts and cold spots and lower energy usage.


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Why choose thermal board over cavity wall?

Thermal board insulation is denser, and retains more heat. Furthermore, it is more durable and lasts longer; it should last as long as it is ever needed.

Why should I redo attic insulation?

Most houses have under 100mm of insulation in the loft. New regulations require insulation of 300mm, 150mm one way and 150mm the other, to hold air in. This level of insulation is more than twice as effective, and will significantly reduce your carbon footprint over time.